Welcome to my site!

I’ve created this website for anyone interested about the day to day of an  automotive technician, specifically the dealership technician . My plan is to blog on all different aspects of the automotive industry, mostly the service department since that is where I work. I’ve spent most of my career working for General Motors dealerships so a lot of what I write will be based on my experiences there, but I’m pretty sure most dealerships, regardless of the manufacturer are run off of  the same principles considering they are all after the same goal… Repairing and maintaining vehicles.

My goal is to reach out to anyone thinking of becoming an automotive technician, customers who wonder what is going on behind the scenes, young technicians that want to learn the business, old technicians who hate the business, managers/owners that want to know how to motivate and keep technicians happy, manufacturers who claim the number of technicians keeps declining year after year, service advisors that would like to communicate better with technicians, and anyone else who wants to read all about the automotive business.

About me

I’ve been in the automotive industry since 2003. I went to a community college tech school for two years after graduating high school. My first job in the automotive field was at a  dealership where I worked for four years as an apprentice, lube tech, and then a flat rate C Tech. I was not ready for the flat rate system (aka piece work) therefore I wasn’t making any money nor was I learning. I left the dealership and got a job at an independently owned service shop as an hourly technician doing mostly basic repairs, diagnostics, and maintenance.

After about three years I realized if I wanted to further my career, getting back into the dealership was the way to go. Since 2009 I’ve worked for two different General Motors dealerships. I started off at the first GM dealership as a B tech. I was fortunate and worked right next to the shop foreman at the time who took me under his wing and taught me anything and everything I was willing to learn. I was able to work my way up to an A tech in around two or three years. After eight years at the same dealership, it closed. So now I’m at a different GM dealership and things seemed to work out for the best. I’m currently an ASE master tech, ASE L1 advanced level specialist, ASE medium duty truck technician, and one hundred percent trained in all General Motors service categories.